jQuery4PHP Current Release: v1.7.0 - Stable

jQuery version: v1.8.2

jQueryUI version: Stable (1.8.24: jQuery 1.3.2+)

jQuery4php API


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Basic Draw

//For use the component

/* New Plot
 * The first argument is the Plot Id
 * The second argument is the Plot Title

$plot = new YsPlot('chartdiv', 'Exponential Line');

 * The first serie
 * The first argument is the value of the label in legend (optional)

$serie1 = new YsPlotSerie("Serie Number 1");

// Adding data to the serie

// Adding style to the serie

$marker = new YsPlotMarker();

 * The second serie
$serie2 = new YsPlotSerie();

// The label in the legend
$serie2->setLabel("Serie Number 2");

// Adding style to the serie


// The legend for the graphic
$legend = new YsPlotLegend(YsLocation::$N);

//adding the series and the legend
$plot->setSeries($serie1, $serie2);

// draw the plot
// Recommended only if the build of the YsPlot does not depend on events
echo $plot->draw();


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